Sea to Sky Energy Solutions is proud to present the Sediment Transfer System (STS), to provide a reliable and effective method to maintain maximum production and operation lifetime of your run-of-river plant as well as mitigate the environmental repercussions associated with other sediment transfer methods.

In 2021, SSES developed a Sediment Transfer System (STS) to replace the need for expensive and aggressive dredging procedures that are often used to remove sediment build up in the head ponds of run-of-river hydro facilities.

This system was developed to operate in a methodical and continuous rate to remove sediment from the head pond gradually without requiring any river diversion as is required in traditional excavation methods. By applying this innovative design, riverbed erosion and irregular sediment movement caused by high flows can be alleviated.



How it Works

The STS system is comprised of a versatile stoker conveyor style system where several conical buckets are fixed to a slow moving, reciprocating drive train. This system transfers sediment out of the head pond area and deposits it downstream of the intake structure where it can be distributed naturally by the river flow. This system is especially valuable at high flows where sediment buildup is most significant.

Why the STS? 


Sediment buildup in head ponds leads to less volume of water moving through plant as well as increased levels of sediment being pushed over the intake screen.

Environmental Considerations

By applying this innovative design, riverbed erosion and contaminant risks caused by the transportation and operation of heavy and expensive equipment such as cranes, excavators and dredges can be eliminated. Further, the STS can be operated autonomously by our team, thus reducing the need for man hours and wear and tear on the environment for site access. Additionally, the STS can be indexed to match river flows in order to maintain constant turbidity levels downstream which supports a healthy fish habitat, and in turn, irregular sediment movement caused by high flows can be alleviated as the system mimics natural sediment movement.

Plant Production, Reliability and Serviceability

Our STS solution provides an automated system which offers a reliable and effective method to help maintain maximum production of your run-of-river plant while providing service, installation and operation every step of the way. By installing an STS at your plant, you will cut down on sediment management costs as well as reduce wear on your turbine equipment as sediment is managed in a meticulous manner to maintain sediment discharge limits. This system was developed to operate in a methodical and continuous rate to remove sediment from the head pond gradually, without requiring traditional excavation methods were the river must be diverted. By using the STS, you can avoid production losses caused by typical sediment removal methods.

Current Active Sediment Transfer System Installations


This plant is located approximately 12km East of Squamish BC and produces 27.5 MW. This plant will be operating an STS in late 2023.


This unique STS was installed near Vanderhoof BC for a short period in 2022. The Sediment Transfer System was used to re-establish a Sturgeon spawning habitat.


This plant is located approximately 100km north of Vancouver, near Whistler BC and produces 7.6 MW of power. This plant has been operating an STS since 2021.

Sediment deposit

A sediment flushing channel is created by the conical buckets to initiate sediment removal from the headpond area. From there, the sediment is deposited downstream of the spillway where it re-enters the river using an easy installation trough. 

Sediment Collection

It can be seen that the conical buckets used for sediment collection are able to transport varying size of sediment, ensuring the maintenance of a healthy riverbed.

What's Included


The Sediment Transfer system will be customized to your intake site to ensure that the sediment is transported in a safe and effective manner. This includes customized mounting posts for the drive system and return pulley.


By implementing an STS at your site, we will provide all necessary operation services as well as management of all of your sediment needs. Our integrated HMI system allows for remote operation and control by our team.

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