Coanda Screen Cleaner

Sea to Sky Energy Solutions provides turn key customized automated Coanda Screen cleaners. Keep your screen clean and maximize production. Watch the video below to see the screen cleaner in action.

Why the Automated Screen Cleaner?

Are you seeing production losses from a clogged Coanda Screen? Are you compromising your safety to achieve temporary results? Would your valuable time and energy be better spent in other areas of your facility? Our custom designed cleaners ensure your facility operates at its full potential year-round, ready for whatever the weather might throw at it. We guarantee that our cleaners pay for themselves while improving the safety and reliability of your facility.

Stop missing out on valuable production and start seeing returns straight away.

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Our Automated Screen Cleaner keeps your operators out of the river and away from the water. No more attaching yourself to a guyline to clean your screen.




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The robust design of the cleaner has been tested in BC’s 100 year storm events and is engineered for purpose.





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The Automated Screen Cleaner can operate 24 hours a day in any weather to keep your intake clear. Say goodbye to lost production from a clogged screen.

Our Story

Sea to Sky Energy Solutions developed the Automated Screen Cleaner in 2015 at the Skookum Creek Power Project. Necessity is the mother of invention, and we were falling nearly 5 MW short of the plant’s nameplate capacity because leaves, grass, roots, and ferns would clog the intake screen during major storms. It was impossible to keep up with the rate of fouling by cleaning the screen manually, and we were tired of feeling cold, wet, and exposed. Our engineers developed and refined the Automated Screen Cleaner and haven’t looked back since.

What's Included


The Automated Screen Cleaner includes a weatherproof control box, an electrical drive system with a weatherproof cover, a static line to support the brush, a drive line to pull the brush across the river, a return pulley for the drive line, two customized mounting posts, a custom screen cleaning brush, and all the hardware and cables necessary to put it together. No electrical wiring experience is necessary to install the cleaner; all the required cables plug in to ports on the outside of the control box.


The Automated Screen Cleaner will be customized to your intake site to ensure that the brush is positioned for full-screen contact. This includes customized mounting posts for the drive system and return pulley, and a brush made to measure for your screen. You have the option to use your own trusted fabrication shop to make the posts to drawings that we supply.

System is fully scalable, click here to see two unique sizes.


Sea to Sky Energy Solutions is the proud designer of the Automated Coanda Screen Cleaner and provides services from design to commissioning and then full support during operation. We will be with you every step of the way.

What's Available


Our sophisticated PLC programming is designed to integrate with your existing plant HMI. Contact us about integration details and customizing the PLC make and model to your site. We can also supply “headless” systems with no control box if you have a distributed control system and motor control equipment at your intake.


Sea to Sky Energy Solutions has a wealth of experience installing and commissioning Automated Screen Cleaners. We are happy to provide full turn-key installation for your cleaner. Worried about power at your intake? Contact us for innovative low-cost power solutions!

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